Big Lonely Doug

This past week I made a quick trip over to Vancouver Island. The main purpose of the trip was to drop off a number of my fine art prints to the Old School House gallery in Qualicum. The opening of the exhibit was a great success. A big thanks goes out to the volunteers, Corinne and all of the people that came out to check my work out. The exhibit will be held at the gallery until April 14th.


While I was on the island I had a couple of days to do some exploring. I had seen some  images from the website of a Douglas Fir aptly named “Big Lonely Doug”. Lonely Doug is Canada’s second highest known tree, the highest being just a few km away in the Red Creek valley. What makes Lonely Doug stand out is that the conifer is surrounded by clear cut, a poignant reminder that clear cut logging is alive and well on Vancouver Island. Perhaps one day when all of the old growth forests are long gone the governments and the public will realize how much we have lost and at the end of the day profit can only take us so far.


On the trip I brought my DJI Inspire 1 drone along for some aerial photography. I decided to make a short video that can be seen here


I’ll be heading out to the island again within the next couple of weeks to carry on my search for big old trees, until then.


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2 Responses to Big Lonely Doug

  1. Ron says:

    I’ve lived on the Island since 2010 and I am really taken aback by the amount of logging happening, especially clear-cuts beside the highway.
    I had lived in Campbell River and Elk Falls Park within the city limits is a nice place to photograph. Some old growth trees are up to 800 years old so you should check it out if your heading up that way.

  2. Great shots of BLD, thank you for posting them. I thought the video from the drone also really added some context to that entire area. Did the thought or idea of a tree climb of BLD ever enter your mind during your trip? 🙂 -Holly

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