Winter Light

Winter Light Portfolio: follow the link to discover more examples of my winter photography.

Several years ago I decided to embark on a personal quest. My goal was to capture the quintessential image of a Canadian winter. In my mind’s eye, the ultimate winter photograph would contain all of the ingredients that we associate with the dormant season: snow laden trees, powdery white drifts of snow and perhaps the grandeur of a pristine mountain vista. All of these elements would be bathed in cool, winter light.

 This journey has brought me close to capturing my preconceived vision of the ultimate Canadian winter scene. However, from the start of my quest, it became quickly apparent that there is more to the winter experience than just the visual elements that we associate with the season. The stark ghostly shapes of snow covered trees, intricate patterns of frost and ice, or the simple sensuous curves of fresh snow continue to be the obvious essentials to catch my attention. For me it is the other sensory aspects beyond the visual that have become an important part of the photographic experience. Bracing myself towards a frigid northerly wind, the muted ‘whump’ of snow underfoot or the pure and still, quiet air that often surrounds me when I am out in the field are some of the other essentials that make the winter landscape so enthralling.

 I have renewed admiration for the wildlife that survives tenaciously in this harsh beauty. Often, the only evidence of their existence is a lonely track zigzagging across the snow. So, have I found my ultimate winter scene? Well, I have a collection of winter images that I am very happy with, as far as portraying the ultimate winter scene, well, I’m still working on that one.



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4 Responses to Winter Light

  1. Bill Wortley says:

    I just reviewed your website. Truly outstanding shots. Were they taken with a large format camera. They colors are so rich. Nice job. Thank you…

    • Adam Gibbs says:

      Thank you, Bill.

      I used to use a 4×5. Many of the images on this site are large format. Like so many large format photographers I have now switched to digital cameras.

      Thanks again

  2. Adam, your Mt Seymour images are a skillful combination of mood, aesthetics and composition. I am really drawn to the authenticity of your work. To me, no one photographs BC landscapes with more insight and sensitivity than you. Thank you for sharing this with us. Jeremy

  3. Gabriel says:

    Really beautiful shots. I visited Canada two years ago, maybe I should travell in winter next time :-).

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