Beneath My Feet

To be honest it wasn't until I took up photography that I really started to notice my surroundings. I was once photographing a great gray owl that was no further than 20' from my lens. While I was busy taking photographs a man on a morning walk came up to me and asked what it was that I was photographing. I told the fellow to have a look through my camera. He looked  through the viewfinder and couldn't believe that there was an owl only feet away. It was actually quite funny to watch. The point is we very seldom take the time to slow down and really look at our surroundings. Perhaps if more people would slow down and recognize that we live in an environment that is more than two dimensional we might put more value in nature as a whole. Beneath my Feet is just that, images found not far from my own footsteps.

Nootka Island, British Columbia, Canada,nootka,island,vancouver island, nootka trail, snad patter photo
Olympic National Park, Washington, USA, Flett violet photo
Zion National Park, Utah, USA, boxelder, cottonwood photo
Olympic National Park, Washington, USA, Sword ferns, Thimbleberry, Hoh river photo
Coyote Gulch, Escalante Resource Area, BLM, Utah, USA, Adam Gibbs photo
Hornby Island, Britsh Columbia, Canada photo
Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, Canada photo
bunchberry, cornus canadensis, alberta, banff national park, conifer, close-up, Canada, Hector lake,  photo
Banff, national park, foliage, autumn, horsetail, highbush-cranberry, alberta, canada  photo
navajo, sandstone, reflection, zion national park, utah, usa, maple leaf, emerald pools photo
pond, cherry, blossoms, Deer Lake, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, garden,  photo
dicentra formosa, western trillium, sword fern, honeymoon bay, vancouver island, canada, british columbia, bleeding hear photo
pyramid lake, jasper, national park, alberta, canada, rose, lichen,  photo
bunchberry, manning, provincial park, british columbia, canada, autumn, frost, close up, leaves, foliage photo
VanDusen Botanical Gardens, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, maple leaves, autumn,  photo