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Ancient Walbran    Walbran, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Walking among Canada's largest trees is such a rewarding experience. The Upper Walbran is currently under threat of logging which would be a shame to see as so much old growth is no more. The problem with Vancouver Island is that logging, mining and so on are so ingrained in to a way of life out here. Peoples views are polarized and there seems to be no value in wilderness unless someone can make a profit from it. Communities argue that they would dissolve without the resources, but at the same time raw logs are sent abroad to be milled at a cheaper cost to asia. There are no easy solutions. What I do know is that I feel somewhat fortunate to check these places out for myself before they are gone. Personally I am not terribly optimistic for a bright environmental future but do realize the efforts of groups such as The Ancient Forest Alliance and the wilderness committee for bringing attention to these wonderful areas.

Photo © copyright by Adam Gibbs.

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