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The Centre of the Universe    Deadman Valley, British Columbia, Canada

I kid you not. Not far from this waterfall (Deadman Falls) is claim to be the center of the universe. Vidette lake that holds the key to the center of the universe vortex was discovered by an apprentice monk from San Francisco in 1980. Dressed only in a white robe the man conducted a series of tests and made claim to the discovery. At one point the location held the interest of the Dalai Lama and supposedly monks offered to purchase the land but a deal couldn't be secured so the Dalai Lama never came.

Other than holding a spiritual connection to both first nations and Tibeten Monks, Deadman Valley is a very beautiful location.

Deadman falls is a pretty impressive cascade and I only happened to come across it by doing a bit of web browsing while I was exploring the grasslands surrounding the city of Kamloops. The area around the falls is very primitive so getting shots of it a little dicey, a slip would not be good. This is where a drone has become indispensable for getting shots that might not be otherwise possible.

Photo © copyright by Adam Gibbs.

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