2013 A Year in Focus

I guess my middle name should be procrastination. Another year has come and gone since my last write up. The usual excuse is that I was just so busy that I didn’t have time to jot down any thoughts, truth is I would rather be outside than sitting behind a computer and if lazing around in an alpine meadow is considered busy then I’m all over it. However now I have run out of excuses, summer has passed, autumn is over, winter is not quite here yet and the weather has turned bleak. Time to tell the world what I have been up to for the past year.

First and foremost I would like to announce some exciting news (albeit a bit late). Once again I had a couple of images place in two notable photography contests. The first contest is the International Garden Photographer of the Year where I had my image “Fairy Mist” place as one of the finalists in the Trees, Woods and Forests category. I have entered this contest a few times now and have had pretty good luck. I figure since my income is derived from mostly garden photography I should enter. Here is a link to the contest and winning images

Fairy Lake, Adam Gibbs, Port Renfrew, Conifer, west coast, british columbia, Canada

Fairy Mist : Purchase Prints

I have photographed this little conifer a number of times now and am always amazed at how no two visits are the same, the conditions are always different. It's quite amazing how this tree clings on to life without much to support it.

The other notable photography contest is The Wildlife Photographer of the Year. I’ve entered this contest quite a few times over the years and to date it is one of the most prestigious and longest running contests of its kind throughout the world. Even though I do dabble in photographing wildlife I am primarily a landscape shooter. While I do enjoy having my images recognized in the contest my main focus is to support a very worthy cause, to showcase not only the beauty of nature but also (and more importantly) the ugly side. What I really like about this contest is its focus on the state of wildlife and nature throughout the world. Lets face it as our world continues to get smaller and smaller nature is the one that often loses out. Species of plants, animals are disappearing at alarming rates. Large corporations continue to ignore global warnings and continue focus on nothing but money and profit. But I digress. This year I had an image awarded Specially Commended in the Wildscapes category. “The Enchantment” is an image that I took on an autumn trip to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness with photographers David Cobb and Sean Bagshaw. To view more of the winning images go here

the enchantments, alpine lakes wilderness, washington, sean bagshaw, david cobb, photographer, nature, larch,

The Enchantment : Purchase Prints

If I had to choose what areas I consider my favourite for photography, The Enchanments would be at the top of my list. I've hiked into The Enchantments three times now and each time find something new to discover and photograph. On this trip I hiked in with Washington photographers David Cobb and Sean Bagshaw. We had great weather and the autumn colour was in its prime.

I took this image on the last morning of the trip. To be honest at the time I was not terribly excited about the shadow on the far shore. But like so many photo situations before nothing is ever exactly how we would like it. I decided to incorporate the shadow into the composition, in this case it worked out nicely.

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