A year in review 2014

Oh where to begin? This year I seemed to spend most of my time photographing and exploring Vancouver Island. I must admit I do enjoy spending time on the island. I was fortunate to spend quite a bit of time on Hornby Island this year and am looking forward to doing a little more exploration next year. My partner Karin and I also journeyed over to Bute inlet a couple of times to view and photograph grizzlies, truly a special location. Other notable locations that I will be heading back to include Cape Scott in the far north and some of the other southern and northern gulf Islands.

The Thumb of Huson - Little Huson caves on Vancouver Island I found to be fascinating. The Thumb of Huson – Little Huson caves on Vancouver Island I found to be fascinating.

The spring and summer was filled with garden photography across Canada from BC to Nova Scotia for Cornwall Publishing. Unfortunately it was a wasted summer of shooting as the company went bankrupt in October leaving myself and several others out of work. I did write up a blog post about Cornwall’s demise but decided to delete it as my griping about it will not change a thing and to be honest was not a positive way for me to end what was an otherwise enjoyable twenty odd years with the company. I will say that it was a huge shame that the owner of the company didn’t give any of the employees the opportunity to take the company in a new direction. Basically what it boiled down to is that within the last year or so the company was run by a buffoon who let the employees down and the company die. I will miss Mel, Khoi, Marc, Henry, Elaine, Anna and Sharon. I’ll especially miss Mel who kept everything so organized for me and made my job so easy and enjoyable. The good news out of all of this is that I now have spring and summer open to pursue new projects.

My youngest daughter Vanessa helping me out at a garden in Victoria. My youngest daughter Vanessa helping me out at a garden in Victoria.

Lastly I spent some time photographing in the Canadian Rockies again this October, My first trip was a quick paddle to Spirit Island down Maligne lake in Jasper. The paddle went great until the last kilometer when I decided to flip my kayak in the frigid water. Wouldn’t you know it a tour boat just happened to be passing right at the moment. Good entertainment for the tour guests I guess. The second trip to the Rockies was a little more productive as I decided to spend a few days in Mt. Assiniboine. Like last year I had my gear flown in and I ran the trail up through wonder pass. At Assiniboine I met up with Scottish photographer Alister Benn and his partner Juanli Sun who run the highly inspirational website Whytake.net. Assiniboine proved to be a great trip and I came away with some of my best work of the year.

_DSC6816-Edit Mists of Magog – A wonderful foggy morning beneath Assiniboine

Unrelated to photography I also spent a lot of time running and racing. I used to think that climbing took up to much time but it would seem that running isn’t any better. I started the year off by running the Langley Half Marathon 21km, The Chuckanut 50km, The Diez Vista 50km, The Vancouver Marathon 42km, The North Face Endurance 50km, The Death Race 125km, The Mt Robson Marathon 44km and still have a couple left before the end of the year. For now I am thoroughly enjoying the running, especially trail running. Must be a mid life crisis as I turned 50 this year. Here is a fun video that I made from the Mt. Robson Marathon using a GoPro and vanity pole.

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