Favourite Images

Choosing favourite photographs is not an easy task. The images that seem resonate for me the most are the ones were all of the elements such as light, composition and timing all come together. Another factor that effects my choice is the experience behind the image. What some images might  lack in light or composition may make up in the remarkable experience that I had leading up to or after the photo was taken.  I do know that after every trip I am often a little disappointed  with the images that I make as they just don't seem to measure up to the whole experience. On the flip side I do occasionally get excited about a photo but it will often get a somewhat lackluster response from other viewers, perhaps I am seeing more in the image than what is actually physically present. I'm always surprised at the images that people pick as their favourites, perhaps it's the light, subject matter or more likely a reminder of a positive experience from their own past.

If you have a favourite image from any of the galleries please feel free to contact me and let me know about them.

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Yoho, national park, kicking horse river, shapes, British Columbia, Canada photo
The Enchantments, Alpine Lakes, wilderness, Larch, Washington, autumn photo
Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada photo
Robert Burnaby park, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada photo
Numa Falls,Kootenay National Park, abstract, iron oxide, British Columbia, Canada photo
mt. Seymour, provincial park, snow, British Columbia, Canada photo
Mt. Seymour, British Columbia, Canada, snow, textures,  photo
yoho, national park, british columbia, canada, opabin plateau, alpine,  photo
russet, garibaldi, provincial park, british columbia, canada, spearhead range, sunset, piccolo,  photo