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09/01/2017: Interview with Fred Weymouth

Interview with Fred Weymouth photo
Big thank you goes out to Fred Weymouth at Lens and Landscape for taking the time to interview me about my work. There are a lot of "ums" and stuttering but I think I did all right, I just need a little interview practice ;-) Or perhaps just start talking to people period, I am a bit of a hermit.…/interview-adam-gibbs

11/11/2016: Quiet Light Photography Adventures

Quiet Light Photography Adventures photo
I am pleased to announce that I have started offering a number of photography workshops and tours. The new company is called Quiet Light Photgraphy Adventures and I am presently offfering four trips for 2017. For the Rockies tour I am very excited to have teamed up with Kevin McNeal who is a brilliant photographer and workshop leader. I am very excited for the 2018 season as I will have a number of new tours that will take us to less visited locations. Be sure to visiti the website, sign up for up and coming tours AND if there is a trip that you would like to see offered let me know. 

23/06/2016: Vancouver Island Weekend Workshop

Vancouver Island Weekend Workshop  photo
Thomas Dawson and I have put together a two day photo workshop to be held on the beautiful west coast of Vancouver Island. This image is from one of the areas that we will be visiting. Please visit this site for more information.

10/02/2016: 2016 Gallery and Show dates

Be sure to come and visit any of the exhibits that I will be involved in this years. More information can be found here

21/07/2015: Visit a Gallery

Visit a Gallery photo
So far this season has been a strange one for me, no more gardens to photograph. After spending so many years photographing gardens it's taken some time to switch gears and new photographic directions. This year I decided to spend more time showing off my work in print form and so far have had good success in showcasing my work at a number of venues. Both solo shows and group shows. Currently my photos can be found in a number of venues including the Surrey Art Gallery and Performance Works Gallery on Granville Island. Other shows coming up include the Sun Peaks Art and Film Festival. The Sooke Fine Arts Show has accepted a couple of my images that I am very excited about. In August I have a solo show at the Kent Harrison Ranger Station Gallery in Harrison Hot Springs. Lastly in September/October another solo show at the New Westminster Arts Council Gallery in Queen’s Park If you would like more information about times and date please shoot me an email.


01/29/2015: 2016 Canadian Rockies Photo Tour and Workshop

2016 Canadian Rockies Photo Tour and Workshop photo
Canadian Rockies 2016
I am excited to have teamed up with nature photographer Peter Cairns of Join us for this once in a lifetime autumn adventure in to the heart of the Rockies. For more details you can either email me or visit Hope you can join us.


07/11/2014: Me Bad

Me Bad photo
Well another year has passed and I have once again neglected to update my news section. To be honest I'm not really sure if anyone actually reads this stuff as I think most visitors go straight to the images, I know I do. Still I like to think that there are a handful of faithful followers who like to catch up on what everyone else is doing out there in cyberland. If you would like to read on follow the link here.
If you visit this site often you will have noticed that I got rid of the All Images gallery. Unfortunately the gallery was just getting to big so it had to go. All of the images are still on the website they are just under a different heading. You will also notice that I have added a Black and White gallery. Hopefully this will be something that I'll be updating frequently as I do have a great selection of Black and White images that need an audience.

07/11/2014: Workshops/Seminars

Workshops/Seminars photo
Over the years I have had a number of people ask if I conduct photo workshops. The answer is that I do offer both instructional workshops and tours but up to this point they have been on a limited basis. This limitation was in part due to my hectic spring/summer shooting schedule and going on my own personal adventures. So without further ado I have grabbed a page on my website and included some information about my workshop services that can be found here. Currently I am offering One-On-One workshops and tours to individuals or small groups that endeavour to seek out unique photo oppotunites or want to improve their photo skills. As time goes on I may expand my offerings either through this website or through another company. If you are interested in keeping up to date with any workshops that come up be sure to contact me here.

18/11/2013: The Phantom Trail Race

The Phantom Trail Race photo
Lots of sweat and tears on this 24km trail run put on by Mountain Madness, The Phantom Trail Race

15/11/2013: Running

Running photo
Some ramblings on Running and how it has benefited my life. Running

12/11/2013: Travelling Adventures for 2013

Travelling Adventures for 2013 photo
So much to do but so little time. The first trip report from 2013. Hopefully the 1st of a few, but no promises. Please visit Travelling Adventures for 2013 on my blog

12/11/2013: 2013 A year in Focus

2013 A year in Focus photo
Time to sharpen the pencil and let you all in on what has been happening this past year. Please visit my blog entry A year in Focus

03/12/2012: Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the year

Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the year  photo
I'm proud to announce that once again I have had an image place in the Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the year photo contest. The image "Fairy Bonsai" was commended in the Botanical Realms category of the contest. This year the contest received 48,000 entries from all over the world. If you happen to live on Vancouver Island or the lower mainland the Royal BC Museum in Victoria is hosting an exhibit of all the winning entries. The show is on until April 2013, well worth a visit. For those of you that are interested in purchasing a print of "Fairy Bonsai" you can either purchase a print from this site here or by contacting me directly here

26/03/2012: To Blog or not to Blog

To Blog or not to Blog photo
Well I have to admit that I never thought that I would be blogging, but here I am starting a blog. It's not that I have anything against putting my thoughts down for god knows who to read, the reality is I am not sure I really have a lot to say. By nature I am a pretty quiet guy and generally speaking like to live a simple and quiet life doing the things that I like to do. The less drama the better. Still it would seam that I have to succumb to the pressures of social media and slowly (very slowly) adding my name to the plethora of other nature photographers trying to get their work out there for the world to see. We'll see how it goes, who knows perhaps I have a lot to say. The good thing is a blog will (hopefully) improve my spelling and grammar, my mother will be proud.

Winter is finally coming to an end, spring is having a hard time appearing. I am looking forward to another fun filled garden season and some planned trips within the next number of months, stay tuned.

04/01/12: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! photo
During the month of November I spent three weeks trekking around southern Utah. It had been several years since my last visit so it was great to get back and explore some old haunts as well as new ones. Probably the two things that I cherish the most from my visit to the high desert are the solitude and quietness that can be found, both qualities that are increasingly hard to find. Be sure to check out some of my new work from my visit.

You may notice that some of the new images on this site are now slightly larger, at least the horizontals are. I have decided to increase the horizontal sizes from 720px to 800px. The verticals will stay the same as scrolling to view images on smaller monitors is a bit of a pain. As time permits I may increase the size of all existing images posted.

20/09/2011: Published Work

Published Work photo
The summer and garden season are winding down, time to dust off the hiking boots (and legs) and head for the hills. The summer was a busy one. I travelled across Canada meeting a ton of great people and taking loads of new garden images for Cornwall Publishing. In total I believe I visited roughly fifty gardens.

The latest issue of British Columbia magazine has published a few of my images from an assignment that I did for them on the Wildside Trail. This wonderful trail is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island on Flores Island. Be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine. BC mag has also posted a number of the images that I took on their website. You can see the images here

As time permits I will continue to upload new images and some classics  from my old website. 

04/06/2011: 2012 Wyman Calendars

2012 Wyman Calendars photo
I am proud to present five new calendar titles published by Wyman Publishing. Titles for 2012 are British Columbia, Country Gardens, Simplicity, Magnificent Rockies and Canada's West Coast. Copies can be purchased through Wyman Publishing or most bookstores or calendar outlets.

03/06/2011: Vancouver Island Update

Vancouver Island Update photo
I've returned from another quick trip to Vancouver Island. A couple of areas that I wanted to check out turned out to be great locations. Although I didn't return with any spectacular images I am excited to return to some of the locations that I did discover.

Sandcut beach has a wonderful waterfall that drops over a short overhanging cliff. I ended up spending a couple of evenings photographing the falls and ocean beyond. Definitely a location that I will be returning to.

I returned to Carmanah Provincial Park in the hopes of accessing the northern section. Although I have a 4 wheel drive vehicle the road got pretty ugly as I crossed over the park boundary. I'm sure the van would have made it but getting stuck, on my own, in the middle of nowhere would have been very unpleasant. On the trail I ran into the rear end of a very large black bear so I decided to head for the southern section of the park instead. Within the southern section the main trail leading from the parking lot is very good up until Grunt's grove. After the grove the trail  quickly deteriorates into a mass of fallen trees and brush, doesn't look like this trail is maintained very much by the parks.

Garden season has started and I will be busy traveling across Canada taking images for Cornwall Publishing, hopefully I can squeeze in a few small backpacking trips in between.

Stay tuned.

16/05/2011: Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island photo
I have just returned from a quick trip to Vancouver Island. Unfortunately the tour was cut short by the lack of decent weather, lots of heavy rain. Still I managed to pull off a couple of images that I like very much. Carmanah Provincial Park was one of the spots that I went to visit. I hadn't been into Carmanah for about ten years, so another trip was long overdue. This time I drove into the southern section of the park. The journey takes about two hours along good logging roads, unfortunately the scenery into the park is uninspiring clearcut. Carmanah really is a special place and I am sure that without the efforts of Randy Stoltman and friends the area would have been logged out back in the 90's. The weather was not my friend on this trip so I am eager to get back and hike from the south end northward. Perhaps this week?

03/05/2011: New Website Launch

New Website Launch photo
Finally! It has been almost three years since I uploaded any new images or updated my old website. To be honest the old site was not particularly user friendly and desperately needed a serious makeover, consequently I lost the motivation to keep it current. Since I am not particularly web savvy I decided to hire the talents of Jesse Speer and Jack Brauer at WideRange galleries to put a site together for me. I hope that you agree that this new site is a great improvement over the old one. More importantly this new site is much more intuitive for me to add new content and I am excited about adding regular updates with ease.

I still have a lots of content to add and perhaps a few changes to make. Please browse through the images and let me know what you think, good or bad.